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Eric Cantona.

Sigga verslaði handa mér svona helvíti skemmtilega bók; The little book of MAN. UTD.. Það stendur aftan á henni; Simply Red Quotes.
Mikið skrifað um Cantona í þessari bók og nokkur ummæli eftir hann sjálfan líka þarna inn á milli.

"I´m in love with Manchester United. It is like finding a wife who has given me the perfect marriage."

"If he´s got a temperament, wait until he sees my temperament."
Sir Alex Ferguson wasn´t frightened of Eric Cantona´s reputation when he signed him in november 1992.

"If I thought personal glory was more important than team glory, I would have taken up an individual sport."

"Perhaps I should be an example to people, but I do not think that way, I do not react that way. I am simply me."

"There has been a lot said about the bloke in the stand that night and, fair enough, maybe he didn´t deserve a size 12 boot in the throat, but some fans are really bad. Anyway, Eric got his punishment, did his time and that´s the end of it."
Roy Keane


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Brilliant! Meira um fótbolta.

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